Cardio & Strength Interval WO

Here's a fantastic make you sweat do anywhere total body workout . Start Monday right and get to it! 

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the all abs circuit.

do this core circuit on 3 non consecutive days in addition to cardio three days a week and a healthy low calorie high protein diet for best results. 

a few things- v sit bicycles arms go across the chest, scissor twists are a bicycle but extended legs in the air and spider mans are elbow to outside of same elbow - think love handles. 

Think you'll love this circuit!

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The 15 minute total body burn.

It's been far too long. Follow me Instagram @pojofitness for lots of updates and workouts. 

Here is a great and fast workout to whip you in shape fast! 

the sizzle 6 interval run.

Happy 2014!

Where have I been you ask? A lot of places. But I promise I will do better and update this blog lots with great at home workouts that are tough yet fun to help you get results! 

Tonight I created this interval run and it wasa challenge and I loved it! Add this into your workouts twice a week to kick things up a notch.

Make it your goal to run the entire miles, sprint fast and push yourself to the max!! 

Ready, set, go! 

new songs = new energy.

music is everything when i am working out especially running. to freshen up your playlist and to add a little extra pep in your step, check out these ten songs you won't hear on the radio from shape. 

(get the songs here)

now get to it!

4 booty lifters without the bulk.

in order to get that perfect booty you need to do more than squats. add a few or all of these booty lifting exercises to your next workout, in addition to doing high intensity cardio and eating a healthy diet and you will have the perfect tush in no time. 

get the exercises here

women's running series half marathon success!

The reason POJO has been a little sparse lately is because I have been busy training to crush my last half marathon goal and I DID! 

Sunday I ran the Women's Running Half. I beat my time by 8 minutes and pr'd my time.

 Official time was 1:33:50. Placed 3rd in my age division and 11th overall.

 Moral of this post.. make a goal, eat, breathe and live it and you WILL accomplish it if you put your whole heart into it!

"fun" size candy calories decoded.

fun size candy isn't so "fun" to burn off. that is a lot of burpees to burn off those sugary sweets. this halloween turn over  a new leaf and DON'T EAT any candy! 

instead, try.. 
- different flavors of gum
- flavored water
- fruit (you could even freeze it)
- or when you want a piece of candy do 20 burpees then see if you still want it. chances are you won't!

just think, your skinny jeans will feel and look so much better sans candy!